100% pure essential oil Lavender 5 ml

100% pure etherische olie Lavender 5 ml

100% pure etherische olie Lavender 5 ml


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Lavender etherische olie has warm, gentle, floral scent and is a classic in aromatherapy. It is the most versatile and one of the “must have” etherische olie in your aromatherapy collection: it can help you in any kind of situation in your life. It is suitable for all age groups, and is safe to use undiluted directly on the skin. It is well known that lavender soothes, relaxes and improves sleep. Nevertheless, it also has beneficial effect on digestive system, excellent pain relief, regenerates damaged skin and tissues. Lavender etherische olie can be combined well with other etherische olies such as chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, orange, pine, thyme, rosemary, rose and jasmine. Lavender etherische olie can be safely used for babies from birth! During first trimester of pregnancy, use it with moderation.
How to use:
? Use it in an etherische olie diffuser. The scent of lavender will help to improve sleep and relieve stress. Turn on your diffuser with 6 to 8 drops of lavender oil before bedtime or throughout the night.
? We recommend to try different types of synergies in your diffuser:
Lavender 3 drops bergamot 5 drops;
Lavender 3 drops mandarin 5 drops;
Bohemian type of synergy to remind you of Provence – 3 drops of rosemary 5 drops of lavender;
To boost your mood � lavender 3 drops ylang-ylang 1 drop orange 5 drops
? In the event of not having a diffuser, apply a droplet of lavender etherische olie directly on your pillow or PJ’s. The body heat will help to release all the goodness; it will calm your nervous system and improve sleep. Please note, only a drop of etherische olie is enough, excessive use will disturb your sleep instead.
? Another sleep-improving procedure: rub PURE, undiluted Lavender oil before bedtime. Feel free to use it for infants too. Lavender is super gentle and it is suitable for sensitive skin. Foot rubbing is first aid for restless babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults!
? For soothing and relaxing massage blend use 50ml of carrier oil (e.g. sweet almond or camellia oil) with 10 to 12 drops of lavender etherische olie. Massage/rub it in your whole body before bedtime. It will relieve tension of the body after a workout, will relax muscles, joints, and will help with back pain.
? If necessary, lavender etherische olie can be applied directly on the skin. It is very effective when suffering from chicken pox, cold sore, bruises, recent scars, insect bites and so on. Apply directly the affected area as needed. It relieves itching, pain, swelling, redness and disinfects at the same time!
? Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties. A blend of stronger concentration will help with ear or throat pain: mix 20ml of carrier oil and 15 � 20 drops of lavender etherische olie. Apply the blend topically every two hours. If you have sore throat or have a pain after dental treatment, rinse you mouth several times a day with a glass of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt with few drops of lavender oil.
? Relaxing foot bath after a long day: 3 drops of peppermint and 5 drops of lavender etherische olies. Pleasant feeling guaranteed!
? Some people advise that lavender etherische olie is very effective when having a headache. Get half a teaspoon of lotion or natural oil, add few drops of lavender oil and rub the mixture into your forehead, temple, back of the neck and shoulders.
? Lavender etherische olie has beneficial effects on digestive system as well! If you are bloated, constipated or your baby has colic pain, blend 50ml of sweet almond oil with 5 drops of lavender , 5 drops of mandarin and 2 drops of chamomile etherische olies. Massage your belly several times a day in a clockwise motion. This kind of blend is suitable for babies from birth!
? Lavender is an amazing repellent to scare away those mosquitos, mites, ticks and bugs! A drop of pure etherische olie on the outwear, trousers, shoes, scarf or hat will keep them away!
? Aromatherapeutic relaxing bath with lavender etherische olie is a way to pamper yourself! Just remember, etherische olies are insoluble in water thus they has to be diluted before being added to the bath. Add droplets of etherische olie to a teaspoon of vegetable oil, or � glass of milk and pour/add it into the bath. Number of drops depending on age:
? 0 to 3 months infants 1 to 2 drops
? 3 to 6 months babies 2 to 3 drops
? 6 to 12 months babies 2 to 4 drops
? 12 to 36 months babies 3 to 5 drops
? 4 to 7 year old children 4 to 6 drops
? 7 to 12 year old children 5 to 8 drops
? 12 teenagers and adults 6 to 10 drops
Lavender etherische olie comes to us from family farm in Southern France, and is bottled in a fragrant arom�ma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses� hands.

For external use
only. Keep out of the reach of children!

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